What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Designing
I always imagine if I didn't choose the design as my career, what will I do now? What kind of job that I would do? Will I be good at it? Or Importantly, will I be happy doing it?

The answer is I don't really know.

As a kid, I never imagine that I will do design as a full-time profession. I all I wanted to do when I was a kid is to be a paleontologist. You know, I blame Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill for it.

But now, I am a designer. In a time where designing things is a very important thing to do. What a time to be alive.
But often time, I always imagine if I am not designing, what should I do? What if this industry falls? What if the world didn't need another designer? 

So I try to learn other skills. I read about business, I hone my public speaking skills, I even practice my guitar skills once again (Well, it should be EDM, because, alan walker?!)

The thing is, as a designer I always want to know more stuff other than my primary skills & knowledge. Even as a designer, learning about things outside of design is a must. As you can bring that knowledge into your practice.

So, let me ask this, one more time :
What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Designing For the World?

This writing is inspired by Hans Zimmer's piece in Man of Steel - What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Saving The World?