Hello, There!
The year is 2020. You know what happen in this year. A year where the world once again makes us question about the reality that we've been living through.
If you happen to visit this website in search for a human, and importantly a designer, you came to the right place. My name is Dimas Wibowo and I work as a Senior Visual Designer in a travel and lifestyle startup called Traveloka.
Beside working, I also like to do 3D modelling, build non-sense design exploration or hosting a podcast. It is essential to do a lot of side project for me. I thought of these side projects as a baby on its own, and each other have their own destiny or even future. Who knows?
I knew that this page called now, but If you want to know a little about my credentials, I've been working with small to medium sized startups as a freelancer. Some of them are Pintu, Vokraf, Flix Cinema, and Style Theory.
All in all, as an extrovert it is hard for me to stay quarantined at my room, cannot see my dear friends and families. 
So far, Im doing well. With a huge amount of endless video calling and huge amount of hours spend on Monster Hunter World.
If you have any design projects, or an awesome job offer please contact me through → sittalkdesign@gmail.com
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